Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 July 2022

Abstract Submission Rules

-The abstract body should have maximum 300 words.
-The title of the abstract should be composed of maximum 10 words and reflect the content.
-The name-surname, title, institution, city and contact addresses of the authors of the papers should be added on relevant part.
-The abstract body cannot have any specific information that may indicate the authors or the institutions.
-Abstracts except case presentations must be structured by the following run-in heads: objective, materials and methods, results, conclusion.
-Candidates who want to apply for the Abstract Awards should review the application requirements under accessible on Abstract Awards section.
-Each abstract can be nominated only for one award.
-The abstract evaluation results will be updated on submission system. The presenting / corresponding authors may review the status of their abstract via the system.
-The presenting authors of accepted abstracts are required to register for the Symposium for their abstracts’ being included in the program.

Abstract Categories

-Orthognathic Surgery
-Free Topics

Abstract Awards

-Research Poster Award (Click for details)
-Clinical Poster Award (Click for details)
-Ayhan Enacar Case Presentation Award (Click for details)
-Orhan Okyay Oral Presentation Award (Click for details)

Important Notes for the Abstract Award Candidates:

*The abstracts nominated for Research Poster Award or Orhan Okyay Oral Presentation Award are required to upload the full text of their abstracts on 8th step of submission. The full paper file must be in pdf format and have maximum 10 pages.
*The abstracts nominated for Clinical Poster Award or Ayhan Enacar Case Presentation Award are required to upload a 5 page long power point presentation in pdf version on 8th step of submission. The uploaded pdf file must have all 5 slides on sole one page.
**For technical support, please contact the organization secretariat.