Domingo Martin

Domingo Martin

– B.A. University of Southern California.
– M.D. University of Bilbao.
– D.D.S. University of Bilbao
– M.S. Orthodontics University of Valencia
– Diploma for Functional Occlusion FACE 1991-1993
– Diploma Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry 2004-2006
– Active Member Angle Society of Europe
– Past President of the Angle Society 2014-2016
– Juan Carol Prize for Best Presentation at the Spanish Society of Orthodontics 1991.
– President of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics 2000 San Sebastián.
– Diplomate of the European Society of Orthodontics (EBO) 2008
– Visiting Professor-International University of Catalunya-Barcelona Orthodontic Department
– Visiting Professor University Complutense of Madrid – Orthodontic Department
– Private practice limited to orthodontics in San Sebastian, Spain.

Summary of Speech
Early Treatment: When , How and Why

Our profession continues to debate if there is still a need for early treatment and many voices doubt if it is evidenced based. This to me is proof that in many instances evidenced based dentistry either asks the wrong questions or comes up with the wrong answers. Prevention is and should be one of our goals when it comes to treating patients and this is even more true in early mixed dentition. This is a time when real prevention dentistry can be achieved. As Jack Dale rightly said ” it is logical to intercept a malocclusion as early as possible,and to reduce or in rare instances, to avoid multi banded, multi bracket mechanotherapy at the sensitive teenage period” in my presentation I will stress on the importance of preventive dentistry in early mixed dentition. I will present many cases to illustrate my talk.

Summary of Course
Prevention in Mixed Dentition

Mixed dentition treatment continues to be a controversial subject and when reading the literature one will see a clear division of opinions.However few talk about the importance of mixed dentition and the importance of prevention.Mixed dentition in my eyes is synonymous of prevention.I cannot imagine doing mixed dentition if we are not preventing, if this was the case I would never do two stage treatments.As Jack Dale rightly says “ it is logical to intercept a maloclusion as early as possible” and this is going to be my message in my course.I will present many examples and above all show how we can prevent many future problems if we intervene as soon as possible.