Main Topics

Main Topics


1- Early period orthodontics
– Protective and preventive approach

2- Functional therapy
– Do transparent plaques work?
– Is myofunctional therapy permanent?

3- Orthopedic treatment
– MARPE: In which situation, to whom?
– Class 2 Camouflage: What is the right decision?
– Class 3 Camouflage: Is surgery necessary?

4- Orthodontic treatment
– Anchor protection methods
– When and how is the treatment of impacted teeth?

5- TMJ problems
– How should the treatment be for kids and teens?

6- Respiratory problems
– OSAS treatment: What is the role of orthodontist?

7- Oral hygiene in kids and teens
– White lesions: what to do so that it does not happen? If so, what to do?

8- Communication with kids and teens
– To be a teenager or not to be, is that the whole point?