Morten Godtfredsen Laursen

Morten Godtfredsen Laursen

Morten G. Laursen received his DDS in 2001 and qualified as a specialist in orthodontics in 2007 from Aarhus University, Denmark. Since 2007, Dr. Laursen is part time at the Section of Orthodontics, Aarhus University, where he is involved in teaching of pre- and post-graduate students as well as being director of the International Short-Term Course in Orthodontics. He has a private office exclusively dedicated to orthodontics in Aarhus, Denmark. He is active member of the Angle Society of Europe, secretary of the Danish Orthodontic Society and past-president of the European Postgraduate Students Orthodontic Society. His research interest is focused around the dento-alveolar-bone-complex.



Summary of Speech
Moving Forward in Patients With Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a frequent finding among orthodontic patients. Today the option to close spaces seems more relevant than ever. However, space closure can affect the position of the anterior teeth and may impact on the facial appearance. Traditionally, it has been challenging to close agenesis sites in minimum anchorage situations by mesial movement of the molars without over-retraction of the incisors. Consequently, skeletal anchorage, has inspired orthodontists to break the limits of minimum anchorage and aim for “absolute” anchorage with no movement of anterior teeth.

The question is if space closure with minimum anchorage a predictable approach in clinical practice?

The presentation aims to show biomechanical considerations in space closure of agenesis sites and to demonstrate the possibility of moving forward the entire dentition, with ultra-minimum anchorage. The predictability of space closure with minimum anchorage will be addressed, discussed and evaluated.